Marketing-4-U is a consulting company that is as unique in its industry as your company is in yours. Marketing-4-U is a versatile non-industry specific consulting company that assists helping you and your company to achieve goals. Marketing-4-U has services that can serve most,  if not all companies.

Back Office Consulting Services such as:
  • Sales Training
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Developing Marketing Materials and Strategies
  • Managing New Product or Service Launches
  • Website Consulting
  • Social Media Management for Lead Generation
  • QR Code Development
  • Data Entry
Business Development Services: Business Development is a broad term applied to the process of strengthening ties with existing clients as well as cultivating customers in other sectors of the consumer market. In order to accomplish this goal, business development normally crosses the traditional barriers between sales, marketing, customer care, operations and management in order to promote this process of expansion on more than one level. The job is more complex than a general marketing job and includes a number of other activities, some related to marketing and some not. This means the business development specialist must exhibit a degree of competence in many different areas in order to identify and capitalize on growth opportunities.

Marketing-4-U represents you (your company)*
  • Involved in the Organizations and the Community you and your company are a part of.
  • Become involved on Committees, Networking Opportunities and Board of Directors
  • Attend Events and Other Various Functions (including Golf Tournaments and Outings)
  • Promote the Company, It’s People, Products and Services
  • Develop Relationships with Decision Makers and understand their personalities
  • Learn who the competitors are and what they have to offer
*Marketing-4-U is not mentioned at events or when representing client companies. We become transparent as our purpose it to solely represent you and your company

About Marketing-4-U: Marketing-4-U was founded by Hugh Morrison in 2003. After years of meeting with business owners and decision makers on all different levels, he discovered one common thread: 1) Companies need help with their marketing while being sensitive to their budgets 2) Needs ranged from: someone to do marketing materials and website work to representing the company at events as well as being involved in their community. His background and experience in both retail, and wholesale in industries such as; Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics, Retail (hard and soft lines), Restaurants, Insurance (Property and Casualty Licensed), as well as the Building and Golf Industries offers unique and unbiased view point when developing and implementing strategies for companies. The other important part to remember is that since Marketing-4-U is acting on a contract basis, the additional expenses normally incurred with having an employee are saved.

Please contact us for more information, or if you have questions regarding how Marketing-4-U can serve your company.